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Homemade Tomato Soup

25 minutes


4 servings

Since it is the middle of summer in our part of the world, I could not resist making a delicious homemade tomato soup. This soup is flavourful and creamy (without actual cream) yet does not weigh you down. You can top each bowl of soup with some croutons, fresh basil leaves, toasted bread or add some tasty cheese toasties on the side. This tomato soup has all those cozy vibes.


An easy recipe

I am not the biggest fan of over-complicated recipes, simple is often best. I tend to avoid recipes that require a whole set of new spices / herbs that I don’t normally use or will use only once … maybe twice. Unless it is a special occasion, or if I am trying something new, a regular day-to-day basis recipe, for me, has to be simple.

Until recently, I have almost forgotten about tomato soup. But I had this random memory of homemade tomato soups from my childhood and the craving just hit! Also, it is January, and this means that it is summer in New Zealand. This year I have grown an abundant amount of tomatoes in my own garden. However, for now, most of them are still green and so for this recipe I have chosen canned crushed tomatoes. This is something we can all get our hands on.

I know that a tomato soup can seem so basic but trust me, every spoonful of the soup will leave you wanting more. Paired with some fresh croutons, toasted bread or a cheese toasty will really hit the spot!

bowl of tomato soup

Keep it simple

It can be easy to become carried away and think of ways to make a tomato soup that little extra special. I was tempted to do this myself and then thought, actually no. The ingredients for a delicious homemade tomato soup should be simple, easy yet delicious. You can always add extra seasonings or herbs but the main ingredients should be fairly basic.

For this recipe, start of by sautéing the onions and garlic. Then, add all of the chopped vegetables and simmer in the vegetable stock. Don’t skip this step, because the simmering of the vegetables in the stock on low heat helps those flavours to develop. Keep the pot lid closed for this part. Add in the canned tomatoes and the remainder of the seasonings. Cook on a medium heat. To make the soup creamy, simply combine all of the ingredients in a blender and Voila!

I do not use cream in recipes such as this, I think that the soup is creamy enough as it is. This makes it light and flavourful which means you won’t feel weighed down.

Serve this soup when it’s warm, or keep in the fridge overnight, this is when the flavours will fully settle. Have some croutons or fresh toasties ready to dip into for that extra cozy factor!

tomato soup

If you have any fresh tomatoes, you can roast them and use them in this recipe instead. A homemade tomato soup may not seem like a big deal but you will be glad that you made it.

I don’t know what it is but homemade soups always bring so much comfort! Even on a summer night, this soup makes me feel full and satisfied. Once my tomatoes are ready to be picked I will be giving this recipe a go with some fresh, roasted tomatoes. Don’t feel like you have to use canned tomatoes here, use fresh ones, they will taste just as amazing, if not better.

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If you make this homemade tomato recipe be sure to leave a comment or give this recipe a rating. I would love to hear what you think. If you make this recipe tag me over on Instagram. I would love to see how this soup turns out for you.



Adjust Servings
1tbsp olive oil
2 onions (chopped)
4cloves chopped garlic
1 carrot, chopped
1 potato, chopped
2cans Italian chopped tomatoes
2cups vegetable stock
1tsp sugar
1tsp dried basil
1tsp dry, grounded marjoram
1tsp rosemary
1tsp dry, grounded red pepper
salt (to taste)
black pepper (to taste)


In a pot, heat the olive oil and add the chopped onions, garlic and crushed garlic. Cook on low heat until the onions begin to soften. Add the chopped carrot and potato and the veggie stock. Cover with a lid and simmer for 10 minutes.
Add in the canned, chopped tomatoes, sugar, basil, marjoram, rosemary, red pepper and stir. Cook for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove the pan from the heat. Season to taste with salt and black pepper. Using a blender, pulse the soup until smooth. Taste and check the seasoning. Serve warm, with croutons, toasted bread or cheese toasties.
Mark as complete
Use fresh tomatoes if you have them. Simply roast them in the oven & transfer to the pot once they are ready.
Seasonings and herbs can vary, simply start of with the recommended amount of the seasonings in the recipe and add more or adjust according to your preference.
Having a side dish is always nice, some toasted bread, croutons or toasties can go a long way.

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