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Bite My Kitchen by Gordana

Easy Jam Crescents

20 minutes


30 crescents

One of my favourite all time childhood treats Kiflice or Jam Crescents. I have lost count of how many times my brother and I indulged in these as kids! They were the best when they were warm out of the oven. The dough for this recipe is made with only four ingredients. For the filling, all you need is jam. This version of Jam Crescent is made with a yeast-free dough, not traditional, but an easier and lighter take on this delicious treat. These Jam Crescents will melt-in-your-mouth

jam crescents

The dough

The dough for these easy jam crescents is soft and buttery. It is best to measure and prepare all of your ingredients first. The dough can be prepared in one bowl. A stand alone mixer makes things even easier. For the best results, use the butter when it is at room temperature. Leave the butter out on the counter for forty minutes prior to using. It is as simple as combining the butter and sugar until it becomes soft and creamy. Then mix in the Greek yogurt and gradually add in the flour. It will take a few minutes for the dough to form into a ball. Once you get a ball, gently knead the dough with your hands on a floured surface until you get a smooth ball. Cut the dough in half. The dough is ready to be used straight away. You do not have to refrigerate it prior to using it.

jam crescents on a plate

Shaping the crescents

Take one half of the dough and roll into a circle, roughly 5 mm thick. Cut the circle into triangles (like a pizza). Each triangle needs to be big enough to hold a teaspoon of jam inside. You can choose how big or small you like them. I personally like them smaller. This way I end up with roughly thirty small jam crescents. If you choose to make them bigger, you will end up with half of that amount. Place a teaspoon of jam at the wider end of each triangle, then roll up like a croissant. Place on a baking tray lined with baking paper and glaze each crescent with an egg.

jam crescent

The Filling

All you need is a jar of jam, that is it. I would recommend any type of berry, plum or apricot jam. However, beware as the jam will spill a little during the baking process. This is normal. Under heat the jam is bound to spill. Do not worry though these are still delicious and smell amazing. If you prefer, use a different filling such as Nutella or any chocolate, hazelnut based filling. This will not cause any spilling.

jam crescents on a plate

Did you make this recipe?

I hope that you enjoy these delicious Easy Jam Crescents! They are a simplified take on the traditional kiflice from the Balkans. If you do make this recipe feel free to comment below or rate this recipe. Any feedback always helps. You can also tag me over on Instagram with your picture of this recipe.

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Adjust Servings
160g unsalted butter (room temperature)
120g caster sugar
200g Greek yogurt (plain)
250g all purpose flour
1jar jam
1 whole egg (beaten, for the egg wash)


Making The Dough
Preheat the oven to 180C & line two baking trays with baking paper.
In a bowl, mix the butter and sugar until it becomes soft & creamy. Then, add in the Greek yogurt and combine. Gradually add in the flour. Keep mixing until a ball is formed. Place the dough onto a floured surface and kneed until you have a smooth dough ball.
Mark as complete
Shaping The Dough
Cut the dough in half. Take one half of the dough and roll into a circle, roughly 5 mm thick. Cut the circle into triangles (like a pizza). Place a teaspoon of jam at the wider end of each triangle. Roll up like a croissant. Place on a baking tray lined with baking paper.
Mark as complete
Whisk one egg in a bowl. Using a brush, glaze each crescent with the egg. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes or until they have turned a light brown colour. Serve with icing sugar, or as is.
Mark as complete
Kiflice can be kept for days, or weeks in a closed container if you refrigerate them. You can also freeze them for a later time.

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